🌄Land NFT

Becoming a Lord in Legends of Ludo is no small task. You are responsible for the land on top of which all the action takes place. Land is available across the 4 realms. The number of Land Parcels in Legends of Ludo will never exceed 100K.

Land Parcel Topography

Each land parcel has resource units and structure slots.

Resource units are the source of resources, which are the building blocks for structure units.

There are 3 kinds of resources --> Sand, Wood and Iron ore.

  • Sand is the resource for Battle Ground

  • Wood is the resource for Barracks

  • Iron ore is the resource for Forging Unit

The structures can be placed only on designated areas on the land.

As a lord, you can mine resources from the resource units and built structures to place them on the structure slots.

Land Quality

Each land parcel is minted with one of 5 different Qualities. The Quality of Land determines the probability of it being picked by the Warriors for various activities - Battles, Recruitment & Bonding and Forging.

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