Anti-Cheat Technology

Legends of Ludo is a skills based universe, so we're very proactive and on-guard for bad behaviour. We use technology to solve most of our problems and here are the measures we've taken:

Anti-Cheat Technology v1

  • Auto-Detection of Scripts such as auto-click events that gives advantage to the player --> We have further limited this behaviour by proactive checks and adding game elements at random positions.
  • Game Code Modification which is often done in a "client-server" model, where users get access to client variables and use it to their advantage. This has been limited by software obfuscation.

Anti-Cheat Technology v2 (In 2023)

  • Secret Alliances detection
  • Multi Account detection
  • Real time cheat detection


Council verifies games flagged with bad behaviour by automated systems/users and takes appropriate action against users.