💰Treasury & Fees

The BOLT token spent by the users across various utilities inside the app will be burnt directly from the users wallet.

Community Treasury

Community treasury will hold the revenues from ->


NFT Level-up (USDC Token)

Fees in USDC for specific level upgrades

NFT Marketplace

To be unveiled 💰

NFT Breeding Fee

To be unveiled 💰

Fees on Rentals/Leasing

To be unveiled 💰

More streams will be added in the future as new opportunities present themselves.

Use of Funds

The funds generated through fees and other sources that emerge over time will be used to:

  1. Build & grow the Legends of Ludo

  2. Invest in systems to progressively decentralize the Legends of Ludo

  3. Fund work being done by the Legends of Ludo community

  4. Fund liquidity pools for the BOLT Token & NFTs

  5. Acquiring assets for DAO & Treasury

🚀 We're Hiring

PMs, Engineers, Designers, Economists, Mathematicians & more! Come join us -> work.hike.in.

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