ðŸ’ļBuild, Earn & Grow


Without Lords there can be no battles, recruitment & bonding and Crafting in Legends of Ludo. Becoming a Lord means you are now amongst a select few responsible for building the infrastructure for all of the above activities. The following 'Structures' can be built on a Land Parcel:

  • Battle Ground

    • A Battle Ground is where the Warriors go to battle

    • A Battle ground is created with Sand and can be placed on the battle ground slot of the land

    • The amount of sand required to create the battle ground will be published soon

  • Barracks

    • Barracks is needed for Heroes to recruit and/or bond their warriors. Barracks can help either recruit more Warriors or bond Warriors to develop an even more powerful Warrior

    • Barracks is created with Wood and can be placed on the Barracks slot of the land

    • The amount of Wood required to create the Barracks will be published soon

  • Forging Units

    • A Forging Unit helps produce Superpower capabilities that can helps Warriors acquire skill in the battle. These superpower provides heroes entertainment, showcase their Warriors and develop skills of the Warriors

    • A Forging Unit is created with Iron Ore and can be placed on the "Forging Unit" slot of the land

    • The amount of Iron Ore required to create the Forging Unit will be published soon

Note -> Lords will have to gauge what Knights are after, and adjust their resource & structure allocation towards the development of land parcel accordingly.


Lords will need to harvest resources to build structures. The more they harvest, the more structures they can build. The more structures they build, the more activities that can be hosted on their parcel of land, as a function of increased capacity. This determines absolute reward potential.

Over time, Landlords should be focused on levelling up their land parcels to increase its efficiency. The more efficient the resource gathering is, faster the structures can be built to allow Warriors to perform their desired activity. This determines relative reward potential.

This will fuel demand for resources and structures, creating a robust secondary market for it.

The market will find demand/supply equilibrium depending on the rewards earned by harvesting resources, building structures, upgrading their efficiency, and hosting activities.

(More detail coming soon)


Land Parcels generate a yield on each piece of infrastructure they build, as it gets used as follows

  • Battle Ground -> Yields a % of BOLT rewards whenever the land is selected for the battle based on the Land Parcel quality (Value TBD)

  • Barracks -> Yields a % of BOLT / USDC fee on each Recruitment or Bonding event whenever selected (Value TBD)

  • Forging Units -> Yield a % of BOLT / USDC whenever the player crafts superpowers using gems in the Forging unit (Value TBD)


Lords can upgrade the Land parcel to increase the efficiency of resource mining, quality of the resources gathered, speed up the resource creation by spending BOLT/USDC tokens to unlock more economic opportunities.

(More detail coming soon)

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