The ecosystem around Ethereum is incredibly vibrant. We believe ETH is effectively as good as money for the internet but building on L1 Ethereum comes with significant scalability issues and high gas fees.

Since Legends of Ludo is a multiplayer game with expected relatively high TPS, we've chosen to build blockchain layer with Polygon's technology (previously MATIC), a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

Polygon is a L2 Ethereum side-chain that solves some of these problems:

  • Performance: 10,000+ TPS

  • Low fees: $0.0001 per transaction

  • Native liquidity: High TVL and liquidity access needed for a big player base

  • Ecosystem: Rapidly growing ecosystems of users, developers, exchanges and liquidity providers for Polygon

  • Ethereum compatible: Supports all the existing Ethereum tooling and Solidity

  • Security: Polygon uses a dual strategy of Proof of Stake at the checkpointing layer and Block Producers at the block producer layer to achieve faster blocktimes. It also achieves finality on the main chain using the checkpoints and fraud proofs. It is additionally secured by a set of staking contracts on the Ethereum mainnet.

Over time, we envision to move to a sovereign chain supported by Polygon that will help us continue to scale as we grow and aim to launch our own protocol.


Our primary goal with our efforts on the blockchain is to provide a secure distributed ledger that ensures verification and authenticity that enable our players to get Token rewards and also create and trade scarce assets (NFTs) in the Legends of Ludo

Our players primarily care about the benefits blockchain can bring over decentralization itself so we're careful not to decentralize too quickly at cost of security and performance.

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