Official Litepaper for Legends of Ludo

Welcome to Legends of Ludo

Legends of Ludo is a brand new cross and circle game where players can use their skills to Battle, Earn & Grow 🚀
You can choose the Path of the Hero to earn your honour by defeating other heroes in battle, or Become a Lord to rule lands and amass tremendous wealth and power across 4 unique realms - Liminthia, Udrinx, Delcad & Otroc.
Will your skills prevail in battle? Will your Kingdom be remembered as a powerful ally?
This is your quest to become a legend!

Blockchain & Gaming

The blockchain introduces a monumental paradigm shift in the way products & communities can be built. We can finally build a new kind of game economy where Players are also owners of the networks and economies they help create.
Gaming has always been an incredibly engaging source of entertainment, a way to bring joy to people’s lives and now it will also be a means to provide brand new economic opportunities to the world.

Our Principles

Gameplay Principles:
  • Mobile: Building for markets where first (and often only screen) is a smartphone
  • Skills: Games of skill only at the core of gameplay
  • Bite-sized Gameplay: Bringing a new kind of bite-sized entertainment to the masses
  • Social: Gameplay is social and players play with or against others
  • Web 2 & 3: Embracing existing paradigms and new technology to build a slick experience for our players
Economic Principles:
  • Meritocratic: Earning ability depends entirely on skills & commitment
  • Players are Owners: Players will own their assets & have opportunities to own a piece of the economy
  • Community Driven: Social behaviour is prioritised in how we incentivise and reward
  • Long-term Value: Players with a long-term commitment to the universe will benefit the most

Our Community

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